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UpComing Events & North Star News

The North Star FSC Annual Show held Saturday May 16 at 2:00pm was a great success.
North Star FSC hosted a Grassroots to Champions Seminar on June 13.  Presenters included Audrey Weisiger and Chris Conte.  Skaters learned a lot from the coaches.  
North Star FSC skaters learned a lot at the summer seminar series.  Skaters took classes in injury prevention, make up, and sports psychology among others.  
North Star FSC Send Off Monday October 12 at 11:25am.  Come see our skaters exhibit and then attend a party for all skaters and spectators.  
Congratulations to all our regional competitors.  
Athena, Emma, Grace, Isabella, Nicole, Samantha, Shayna, Zoe. 
Special Congratulations
Athena Boulas- Final Round Competitor Intermediate Ladies
Grace Coughlin- Final Round Competitor Intermediate Ladies
Isabella Ramirez- Final Round Competitor Juvenile Girls