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UpComing Events & North Star News

The North Star FSC Annual Show held Saturday May 16 at 2:00pm was a great success.
North Star FSC hosted a Grassroots to Champions Seminar on June 13.  Presenters included Audrey Weisiger and Chris Conte.  Skaters learned a lot from the coaches.  
North Star FSC skaters learned a lot at the summer seminar series.  Skaters took classes in injury prevention, make up, and sports psychology among others.  
Skaters enjoyed participating in the Regional/Sectional Send Off.
Congratulations to all our regional competitors.  
Athena, Emma, Grace, Isabella, Nicole, Samantha, Shayna, Zoe. 
Special Congratulations
Athena Boulas- Final Round Competitor Intermediate Ladies
Grace Coughlin- Final Round Competitor Intermediate Ladies
Isabella Ramirez- Final Round Competitor Juvenile Girls

Congratulations to Alice Serbin and Kenan Slevira for earning a silver medal at the Pacific Coast Sectional Championships in Juvenile Dance.  Good Luck at Nationals in St Paul Minnesota in January.  All skaters, families and friends are invited to come to the National Send Off at North Star on January 2nd.