North Star Figure Skating Club

Denise Marco
NorthStar Ice Sports Executive Director & Director of Figure Skating
​Full Time
     - PSA Member and Rated
     - Coaches all levels of Moves and Freestyle
     - Coach of New England Competitiors and Disney On Ice Skaters
     - BBA, Anna Maria College

JoAnne Bliss
NorthStar Ice Sports Scheduling Coordinator & Assistant to Executive Director
Full Time
CER: Category A

     - PSA Member and Rated
     - Coaches Freestyle, Moves, Basic Skills, Dance, and Synchro
     - 2001, 2002 National Champion - Espirit de Corp Synchro Team
     - BA, Boston College

Dmitri Boundoukin
Phone: 508-488-8293

     -Currently coaching Ice Dancing, Freestyle, MITF, Choreography, Off-Ice and Hockey Skills
     -Trained in Moscow, Russia and Lake Placid, NY
     -Gold Medalist in Ice Dancing (US) and Freestyle and Figures (Russia)
    -US National Ice Dancing Competitor
    -Coach of Regional, Sectional, and Junior National Freestyle skater
    -Coach of Sectional, Junior National, National, and International Ice Dance Teams
    -Coached skaters through senior moves and freestyle tests
    -Coached skaters through gold dance tests

Kathy Lyons Campbell
Full Time
Phone: 774-437-2587

    -PSA Member Rated 
    - Taken skaters from Pre-Preliminary to Senior MITF and Freestyle
    -Coach of New England Regionals Competitors and Disney Skaters

Pam Cunningham
Full Time
Phone: 508-520-3788

Danielle David
NorthStar Ice Sports Assistant to Director of Figure Skating
Full Time
Phone: (508) 981-1580
PSA Ratings: registered Moves and Freestyle
CER Category: A

     - Coaches skaters competing at basic skills, US, and IJS levels
     - Coached skaters through Senior Moves in the Field and Novice Free tests
     - Coached a synchro team to the national championships

Carol Cotter
Full Time
Phone: 774-420-9995
PSA Rated Figures, Certified Freestyle, & Senior Group, & CAP
CER - Category A 

     -Corp de Ballet - Ice Capades; United States & Canada   
     -Coached Regional Champion (Intermediate) & Sectional Competitors - Senior Level
     -Coached skaters through Senior Moves and Freestyle Tests
     -Formerly Director USFSA Learn to Skate over 25 years
     -Coached Adult Men’s Gold National Medalist
     -Coaches Hockey skills over 25 years
     -BA - Worcester State University / Minor Industrial Psychology

John Dillon

     -Teaching and skating hockey skills for over 25 years
     -Assistant Coach for Holy Cross Women's Hockey Team in 2003
     -Currently works with youth, Division 1 College, AHL and NHL players. 

Amy Frazier
North Star Figure Skating Club Choreographer
Part Time
Phone: (508) 450-4941

      - Dancer/ Line Captain Legends in Concert  - Las Vegas, NV
      - Dancer Legends in Concert - Osaka, Japan
      - Dancer/ Line Captain Legends in Concert - Foxwoods Resort & Casino, CT

Maureen Garrahan

Joanie Glick
Full Time
Phone: (617) 755-6841
PSA Ratings: MM, MG, SFF, MPD
CER Category: A

     - Triple USFS gold medalist (Figures, Free, and Adult Dance)
     - Triple Master Rated PSA Coach
     - Skated with Ice Capades
     - BBA, U Mass AmherstFull Time

Tracy Griffin
Full Time
Phone: (508) 397-7687
PSA Rated
ISI Gold Judge
CER Category: A
Professional Photographer – 

     -Coaches skaters competing at basic skills, US, and IJS levels
     -Coached Mid Atlantic’s Intermediate Ladies Silver Medalist and Eastern        Regional Competitor, Little New England Men’s Champion, and cast members of Disney on Ice.
     -Disney on Ice soloist and cast member (4 Tours)
     -Two time New England Medalist and Eastern Regional Competitor
     -Trained under Jeannie Woelfle, Ron Ludington and Carlo Fossi

Christine Groleau
Part Time
Phone: (508) 341-8691
PSA Ratings: CG, RFF
CER Category: B

      - Coach of the 2000 Adult Ladie's Silver II National Chamption
      - Coached 3rd place NE Juvenile Championships
      - Coached students through numerous medals and US Tests

Danielle Hamilton

Debbie Hogan
Phone: (508)-308-0360

      - Private & group instruction working exclusively with hockey players and officials
     - Work with players of all ages/ abilities ranging from beginners to best in class (College, Juniors, High School, Elite, AAA, AA, Town and Teams)
     - Work with referees who must pass skating tests
     - Member of USFS, ISI, USA Hockey patched through intermediate

Lisa Sussman
Part Time
​Phone: (617) 429-5172
PSA Rating: Basic
CER Category: A

  - 13 years of coaching experience
  - Rated member of PSA 
  - USFS Double Gold Medalist in Moves and Freestyle

Kristen Vangsness
Full Time
Phone: (203) 832-7985
CER Category: B

     - USFS Member & Registered Coach
     - Jr Freestyle; 4th Figure; Pre-Silver Dance Test
     - ISI Gold Certified Judge
      - Professional Figure-Skating Instructor for competitive & recreational skaters of all ages - 15 yrs

Alex Volpicelli

Dina Volpicelli
Full Time
Phone: 508-272-8893
Ann Harrison Wehr
NorthStar Ice Sports Group Coordinator
Phone: 704-449-0748
PSA Rating: SG, CM, RF
CER Category: B

     -PSA rated in 3 disciplines
     11 years coaching experience
     -BS from United States Sports Academy
     -150+ CE hours through PSA

​Marissa Woodis
Part Time
Phone:  508-572-9203

    -PSA Member with BA Rating
    -7 years teaching experience

Professional Coaching Staff
All of North Star's coaches are members of the Professional Skaters Association and United States Figure Skating.  They offer their own style of coaching that all skaters benefit from!